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VICE holds rolling auditions for collective membership.  We're always looking for professionally-minded women vocalists in the New York City area.  Interested in becoming a member of the team? Click to find our interest form, and scroll below to find more about what we're looking for!

Any additional questions? Email us at


What is VICE looking for in a new member?


  • Commitment to biweekly, three-hour rehearsals in New York City, as well as gig-specific rehearsals

  • Strong independent musicianship, with the capability to learn music quickly and accurately

  • Prepared, professional team player, onstage and off

  • Great intonation across a variety of styles, able to blend in an ensemble

  • Excellent soloist with a strong understanding of storytelling through song

  • Ability to move well onstage, comfortable with choreography

  • Ability to engage the audience between songs through talk spots

  • Ready to perform across a wide variety of performance venues


  • Education experience

  • A passion for all things a cappella!

  • Community builder, excellent at maintaining strong relationships with other musicians

  • Arranging experience

  • Additional skills: audio, video, photography, social media, etc.

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