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VICE holds rolling auditions for collective membership.  We're always looking for professionally-minded women vocalists in the New York City area.  Interested in becoming a member of the team? Click to find our submission form, and scroll below to find more about what we're looking for!

Any additional questions? Email us at

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What is VICE looking for in a new collective member?


  • Commitment to biweekly, three-hour rehearsals in New York City, as well as gig-specific rehearsals

  • Strong independent musicianship, with the capability to learn music quickly and accurately

  • Prepared, professional team player, onstage and off

  • Great intonation across a variety of styles, able to blend in an ensemble

  • Excellent soloist with a strong understanding of storytelling through song

  • Ability to move well onstage, comfortable with choreography

  • Ability to engage audiences between songs through talk spots

  • Ready to perform across a wide variety of performance venues


  • Education experience

  • A passion for all things a cappella!

  • Community builder, excellent at maintaining strong relationships with other musicians

  • Arranging experience

  • Additional skills: audio, video, photography, social media, etc.

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