Art by Stephanie Guralnick

Five women.

Five unique voices.

One powerful experiment.

"Testimonial from a big name in a cappella who loves us?"

- Big name in a cappella who loves us.

VICE is the collaborative retro-pop project of five dynamic post-collegiate a cappella all-stars.  Together, they form New York’s most fearless all-vocal girl band.  Between them, the women of VICE represent CARA and ICCA award-winning arrangements and choreography, in-house audio and video production, and internationally-ranked competitive beatbox - while each is a powerhouse in her own right, these women have committed to blending their unique skillsets into a single ever-evolving, invigorating stage and recording partnership.  They revel in reinterpreting classic songs with wicked smart arrangements, and in 2022 plan to add original music to the mix.

They competed in the 2019 Varsity Vocals Open, taking 2nd place and Outstanding Vocal Percussion at the Northeast Semifinal.  Their singles “Rhiannon” and “Hey There Delilah,” produced entirely in-house, reached streaming audiences in 2020.  VICE brings their electrifying stage show to a cappella festivals and private events across the US, as well as teaches educational workshops, but they feel most at home performing at venues large and small in their beloved New York City.